Product Description:

“The second generation UniFi switches bring many changes and improvements, the switches have been redesigned from the ground up. Compared to the first generation, there is a significant improvement in airflow, which is used for cooling, making it up to 4x quieter* than the first generation.
* at an ambient temperature of 25° and a 25% POE load, the switch is 3.6 times quieter
* at an ambient temperature of 25° and a 50% POE load, the switch is 4.2 times quieter
* at an ambient temperature of 25° and a 100% POE load, the switch is 1.9 times quieter

USW-Pro-48-POE Gen2 has a total of 24 POE-Out ports. 1-40 ports support 802.3af/at standards, 41-48 ports support 802.3bt (60W) standards. The total POE budget is 600W (total power of 660W, 60W switch power consumption).

The pair of 10G SFP + ports with 1G SFP backward compatibility will serve as the Uplink. In case of power failure, the switch can be connected to the UniFi SmartPower backup system, which can handle up to 6 supported devices.

Redundantní napájecí systém UniFi SmartPower
LCD display
The LCD touchscreen instantly shows the most important informations like error conditions, warnings, port statistics, connected device consumption, network usage, and more.

L3 features
In the future firmware version, L3 switch functionality is planned.

Package contains
Power cord
Rackmount ears”


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