After over two months of fighting in southern Tripoli areas, people are suffering from a lack of services in all fields.

The political instability and violence within these regions have created a hindrance for service companies due to increasing the difficulty of reaching war zones.

The damaged infrastructure as well as the continuous attacks suffered have created several obstacles.

Yet, some companies still managed to push through. Firms providing services across districts with crossfires face several challenges as there are many barriers and unforeseeable risks.

Among such companies is Giga ltd. for telecommunications and technology. Giga has managed to provide internet to Abu Salim, Ain Zara, and Qasir Benghashir after fiber cables were damaged by clashes.

The company provided internet services through a wireless connection, overcoming the drawbacks of fiber cables, supporting people in dire need.

Giga is a tech and telecommunication pioneer providing several services in Libya. Moreover, It has received a franchise from Ubiquiti Networks – the largest wireless internet equipment distributor.