How can I contact a reseller in my area?2018-08-27T08:39:58+02:00

You can find full information on Giga Telecom & Technology Resellers on our website (www.giga.ly/resellers).

Does the company provide Technical Support Services?2018-08-27T08:40:41+02:00

Yes, we provide free Tech-Support Services to our customers, you can contact the Technical Support Team on telephone (0916438779 – 0217200200), on Facebook (Facebook.com/GigaSupportTeam) or by using the chat feature on our website.

Does Giga Telecom & Technology Have Wi-Fi Service coverage in my area?2018-08-27T08:41:05+02:00

You can find a map of Wi-Fi covered areas on the company’s website (www.giga.ly/wifi).

Can I change my Wi-Fi service package?2018-08-27T08:41:18+02:00

Yes, you can always change your subscription package simply by topping-up your account with a voucher of the desired package, take in concern that by changing packages the monthly quota from the previous package would not be transferred to the newly subscribed package.

How can I Top-Up my account?2018-08-27T08:41:26+02:00

You can find the option to Top-Up your account by using our mobile application on Android or by visiting our website (www.giga.ly/portal).

How can I check my quota and expiration date?2018-08-27T08:41:35+02:00

You can check your quota and expiration date by using our mobile application on Android (Giga Net) or by using our website (www.giga.ly/portal).

What type of services is provided by Giga Telecom & Technology?2018-08-27T08:41:51+02:00

Giga Telecom & Technology Is specialized in providing high quality Internet Services via Wi-Fi, Satellite and Leased Line Technologies.

Where can I subscribe to Giga Services, and where can I find Top-Up Vouchers?2018-08-27T08:42:09+02:00

You can subscribe by visiting company’s HQ or by contacting one of our resellers in your area.

How can I know the username and password for my account?2018-08-27T08:20:50+02:00

You can find the username and password in your acquired contract.